Business Programs

Commercial Facade Improvement Program

The City of Lauderdale Lakes's Commercial Facade Improvement Program is designed to improve commercial storefront property located in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) classified target areas. Support funding is made available on a competitive basis to qualified owners on a one-to-one public to private basis. View the storefront design guidelines for specific details about the program.  
Enterprise Zone Program
Businesses located within the designated enterprise zone may be eligible to receive tax credits, sales tax refunds, and other incentives. Access a map of the zone for more information.

For more information, view the enterprise zone information document.  
Foreign Trade Zone Program

Companies that operate within the designated foreign trade zone can implement more effective economical solutions for cargo storage, merchandise manipulation and manufacturing needs through incentives that offer the opportunity to:
     *    Defer, reduce or eliminate Customs duties on products admitted into the zone
     *    Save on taxes and improve bottom line results
     *    Expand in the United States and Abroad
     *    Boost competitiveness domestically and internationally 
For more information on the designated FTZ area, view the foreign trade zone map.

For more information on the foreign trade zone, view the FTZ information document.