Administrative Policies

The Law at City Hall
We believe that it is in the best interest of the organization and our employees to have written personnel policies to help the city meet our mission, goals, and objectives; to prevent misunderstandings and problems; to ensure that all employees know what is expected of them; and in limiting our legal exposure.

The City of Lauderdale Lakes is committed to creating and maintaining workplace policies for all employees that mirror state and federal laws as well as promote a productive, legal, safe, and harmonious work environment.

We depend upon every employee for the successful development and implementation of a fair and equitable policy and procedural system.

Workplace Policies
  • Drug-Free Workplace - This policy was created to provide guidelines regarding the use of drugs and alcohol as it relates to maintaining a drug-free workplace.
  • Harassment - This policy outlines the course of action regarding employee discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and retaliation against employees for reporting or participating in any investigation of discrimination or harassment.
  • Smoke-Free Workplace - This policy provides guidelines regarding the use of tobacco related products in the workplace. The city abides by the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (FCIAA) and maintains a smoke-free environment.
  • Workplace Violence - The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines regarding proper conduct and behavior in order to prevent potential violence in the workplace.
For additional details regarding these policies, please contact the Department of Human Resources at 954-535-2710.