Training & Development

The City provides the opportunity for employees to expand their minds and improve their knowledge/skill level by providing personal as well as professional development training in many areas.

Employees are encouraged to use their newly acquired training in their day-to-day activities and to make suggestions in ways by which we can improve our training capabilities. 

The following are:

  • Computer-Based Learning (CBL) - computer-based training - provided in-house by employees of Information Services.  All employees are eligible to participate in this training.
  • Generic Training - a broader type of training geared towards personal/professional development.  Examples are customer service and management skills.
  • Mandatory Training - training required by the City for workplace issues such as harassment (both sexual and hostile), dealing with angry employees such as workplace violence, diversity, drug and alcohol abuse as well as safety training. 
  • Procedural Training - conducted by individual divisions such as Budget, Purchasing, Information Services (website), and Human Resources.
  • Workforce Development Training or Educational Assistance - tuition reimbursement planning.