Human Resources & Risk Management

The Department of Human Resources and Risk Management provides administrative support to all departments for the management of the city's workforce. Functions within the Department of Human Resources include:
  • Classification and Compensation
  • Employee Relations and Benefits
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • RISK Management
  • Training and Development
Valuing Employees
We value our employees by fostering an innovative and productive environment, building a universal team, providing exceptional customer service to the organization as well as to the community, and by recognizing their contributions in an ever-changing environment.

Employee Rewards
Employees are rewarded for creative ideas, quality improvement, personal commitment, absolute dedication, and exceptional performance through recognition programs and incentives, through positive acceptance, and by the creation of an esteemed atmosphere. The merging of personalities and teamwork are synonymous. The blending of talents is recognized through a "partnership" of employer and employee contributions. Our possibilities are endless...Our rewards are high!

Our commitment to our employees is number one because our employees are our greatest assets!