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Training Registration Portal

  1. Welcome to the City's new training registration portal
    The portal allows you to quickly request training without having to speak to a representative or remember to send an email. Once you request training, your request is then routed to the Financial Services Department. You will receive a meeting invite within 24 hours if the class is available. Although, we are operating in an e-learning environment, the training sessions will be capped at 15.
  2. The Financial Services Department offers its Training Academy annually to train new employees or provide a refresher course on those service functions that support the external departments. Yes, you are a customer to the Financial Services Department. It is important to us that you understand some of the requirements that impact payroll, purchase orders, travel and payments to your vendors. This annual event allows us to provide you updated information, inform you of new processes that may have occurred mid-year, refresh you on areas that you need additional support in and train employees that may not be new to the City but may be in a new role.
  3. Training will be held on September 22-24, 2020 from 10am-3pm daily. You will only need to attend one (1) session. You will be provided several breaks as well as a lunch hour (12pm-1pm). Additionally, the training is required for all MUNIS Users. If you do not attend one of the trainings, you will NOT be granted access into MUNIS at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  4. During the FY 2021, the City will be expanding the use of the Purchase-Card (P-Card). Two (2) separate sessions will be held for current Cardholders and new Cardholders, but you will only need to attend one (1). Issuing new P-Cards will not be automatic, however, this training is required for all new cardholders. This training is also required for current Cardholders to establish a baseline for the policies and procedures that will be utilized for management of the P-Card. Training will be held September 25 & 29, 2020.
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