Housing Assistance

The City Recently received its "Notice to Incur Cost" for the FY 2016 Minor Home Repair Program Year.  Based upon this Notice, the City will be hosting a Mandatory pre-application workshop meeting on:
  • Additional Program Information
  • Additional Application Information

Minor Home Repair Program


The Minor Home Repair Program provides a deferred forgivable loan to eligible owner-occupied households for assistance with critical renovations. These renovations are limited to verifiable repairs of, or replacements to, deteriorated building systems as well as identified hazards to the household. Please note that rehabilitation work is not the same as remodeling. Interior or exterior remodeling (cosmetic) work will not be addressed on your project. It is important that you realize this as you go through the rehabilitation process.

The Minor Home Repair Program operates on a "first come, first qualified, first served" basis. To qualify, homeowners must provide the following: tax returns (with W-2 forms) for the past two years, their three most recent pay stubs (if employed); benefit award letters (Social Security, pension, disability, etc.); their six most recent bank statements; divorce, alimony or child support documents; and a completed program application.  Proof of home ownership-including a Warranty Deed, proof of paid property taxes, proof of paid hazard insurance, and proof of paid flood insurance - is also required.

Qualified Contractors Needed

The City of Lauderdale Lakes has been awarded a grant from the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Community Development will be providing a comprehensive mitigation and hardening for eligible properties (Funding availability is limited).

The City of Lauderdale Lakes is currently seeking qualified contractors interested in performing comprehensive mitigation and hardening for the City’s Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program.  The Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program is a State funded program designed to help homeowners retrofit their homes against Hurricane type conditions.

For more information on this program, please Call 954-535-2482.