Non-Recyclable Items

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Plastic Bag  NO Plastic Bags They bind up sorting equipment   

Reuse them as small garbage can liners
        Diaper  Bio-Hazardous Materials  Syringes and needles, diapers and other sanitary products are not recyclable.  Responsibly place these items in the garbage can
 glass and plastic bottle with cap NO caps or lids LEFT plastic /glass bottles or jars  left on and they create impurities in the new glass bottles  Remove the lids and caps and place them in the bin separately.
         recyclables in plastic bag  NO materials in Plastic Bags  NO plastic Bags, they cannot be recycled  place items in bins loosely for proper sorting
        styrofoam box  NO Styrofoam, plastic cups, pastry or berry containers  There are no known markets for recycling these items.  
Try to reuse these for storage, kids crafts, etc.
       flattened cans  NO flattened containers like cans  Flat items are mistaken for paper goods and will contaminate the new recycled paper products.  Leave the cans rounded or place in the garbage.
       frozen goods boxes  NO Frozen Food Boxes or Ice Cream containers  Paperboard boxes that were designed for freezer foods have a plastic polymer sprayed on them to prevent freezer burn. This prevents the box from breaking up in the recycling process.  Place them in the garbage. They are not compostable or recyclable.
       aerosol can  No liquids left in aerosol cans or containers  Before placing in recycle bin, spray/empty all liquids.  If you feel there is still liquid in the can that cannot be removed, place it in the garbage.
       pipes  NO scrap Metal of any kind or size  These items cause excessive damage to the recycling equipment.  Save this for bulk day or find a local scrap metal dealer and sell it!
       shredded paper  NO shredded paper  This is too small to sort, therefore it will fall into the wrong bins causing contamination  Compost this or contact Waste Management for locations
       ceramic bowls  NO Ceramics, drinking glasses, light bulbs, or other non- recyclable glass   Their different melting points and chemical compositions will ruin new glass bottles. If our buyer sees just one of these on the top of a load of glass, the entire load could be rejected.
 Look for other ways to use it or donate it if it can be reused.
       oil bottle NO Hazardous Waste such as motor oil or solvents
 Hazardous waste such as paint, automotive fluids, car batteries and pesticides must be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility  Pompano Beach: 2780 N. Powerline Rd. West Park: 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Phone: 954-765-4999.