Building Inspections

Once a building permit is issued, the field inspection process begins. This process follows a successive path, as prescribed by the Florida Building Code, until the project's completion. Since each project is unique, Building staff can offer guidance regarding your particular inspection path.

To schedule an inspection, use the Online Payments portal on the home page of the city's website.

Please be sure to provide access to the building scheduled for inspection. Also, be sure the permit card and a job copy of the approved plans are prominently displayed for the inspector's review. The Building Inspector may assess a penalty fee if a scheduled inspection cannot be conducted.

If the inspection approved, the inspector will initial and date the permit card. If the inspection is not approved due to incorrect or incomplete work, the inspector will leave a notice indicating the Code Section and nature of the deficiency. A penalty fee may be assessed.

A permit will remain active if approved inspections are achieved at least every 180 days. A permit expires after 180 days of inactivity and must be renewed, if possible, prior to project completion.

At the conclusion of work and completion of the approved plans, a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy will be issued, depending on the project's scope.