The Permitting Process

Permit Application

The Permit Application is below, it must be completed and notarized and all supporting documents must accompany the application in order for the application to be processed.  Once the application is entered in the system an e-mail will be sent to you advising of the Application number. Payments and drawings at this time must be made in person, if assistance is needed please contact the Building Division at 954-535-2480.


Owner - Builder - Checklist

Contractor Checklist

Permitting Instructions - Owner Builder

Permitting Instructions - Contractor

Please ensure that all the required documents are completed, signed and accompany the permit application to allow for speedy processing. 

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts as the City of Lauderdale Lakes makes every effort to improve the permitting process to our community.


The Florida Building Code is the applicable authority throughout each municipality and county in the state. To secure a permit under this code, please refer to the following steps:

Building permit


  1. Determine where your plans/permit application must be filed.
    Plans for work involving demolition, additions, alterations or new construction must first be approved by the Broward County Department of Urban Planning and Redevelopment. After receiving County approval (if necessary), permit applications for work that is new, or that enlarges, reduces or otherwise alters the exterior elevation of any building in Lauderdale Lakes, must be presented to the City of Lauderdale Lakes Public Works and Development Services Department. Permit applications for work such as re-roofing, interior renovations, interior plumbing or electrical repairs, AC changeouts, etc., do not have to be evaluated by Planning & Zoning Section, and may be submitted directly to the Building Division. If there is any question as to what type of work may be submitted directly, please call the Building Section at (954) 535-2480 for a determination.
  2. File your permit application with the appropriate section.
    When the City receives your application and plans, it will issue you a Control Number that must be used to reference the permit throughout the approval process. Upon submission to the Building Division, your permit application and plans will be examined for compliance with the Florida Building Code.
  3. Make plan corrections as necessary.
    The permit applicant will be notified if there are corrections to be made. Plans may not be checked out of the Building Section for correction.

    Please note: The Building Section designates each Wednesday between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. as Professional Day. During this time, Building  Plans Examiners are available to answer questions and review applications on a walk-in basis for all construction and design professionals. No appointments are necessary, but appointments may be made for another time in the week.
  4. Receive a building permit.
    A building permit will be issued only after an application has been approved by all appropriate disciplines (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and/or Fire). Permit fees are due and payable at the time of pickup, and based upon the Building Fee Schedule.