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The City of Lauderdale Lakes has partnered with Waste Management, Inc. to implement a new curbside recycling program for all residents. The proposed marketing tools are anticipated to increase recycling intake by 40% or better. 

Snapshot Statistics show that in October 2012 we collected 39.28-Tons, this past October, two years later and with the single stream recycling program in place, we collected have 71.58-Tons. The numbers are definitely encouraging! 

For more information on Recycling, please click on "FOLLOW ME TO SUSTAINABILITY" . Be sure and sign up for recycling notifications to stay abreast of events and the continued success of the program!

Happy Recycling!

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We are really recycling Lauderdale Lakes;  Keep up the good work!

Visit my page often for upcoming events and information on the Clean and Green Community Recycling program.

Click on the Green FOLLOW ME TO SUSTAINABILITY for recycling guidelines.

 Please remember to RECYCLE!

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4300 NW 36th Street
Lauderdale Lakes,  FL  33319



(Excluding Holidays)
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
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Please CLICK on the pig to visit RecycleBank. You can set up or log into your account, get local merchant information, redeem points and more!


  1. Bulk and Waste
  2. Recycling Collection
  3. Garbage collection


To avoid interruption with your curbside collection service, the following rules should apply:

  • Bulk Trash will be picked up (12) times per year, once every month on your scheduled collection day. Residents who have a bulk trash pick-up schedule in the fourth (4th) week of the month, please note this may not necessarily be the last week of the month since some months may contain five (5) weeks. Please check your calendar to ensure the correct pick-up date.
  • Bulk items include household goods such as couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, appliances (white goods), carpet and padding.  It also includes unbundled yard waste such as tree trimmings, branches, palm fronds no longer than six feet in length (large tree trunks must be cut into half or quarter pieces depending on size not to exceed thirty (30) pounds, lumber, fencing and metal poles.
  • Construction materials such as roofing material, tile, concrete, bricks, stones, etc, Automotive body parts, engines, transmissions, batteries, ties, used oil, paint, insecticides, chemicals and hazardous waste will not be collected.
  • Bulk waste must be generated by the customer at the residential unit where the bulk is collected.  Bulk waste will not be collected if it is generated by anyone other than the resident of the home.
  • Place all items for collection within (5) feet of the street by 7:00 am on the scheduled pick-up day to ensure pick-up.
  • Bulk items must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Do not place bulk items for collection next to a mailbox, utility pole or close to a fence.
  • For disposal of refrigerators, the compressor located at the rear of the unit must be removed (they contain hazardous waste materials) with doors for safety prior to pick-up. Household appliances containing Freon gas (air conditioning units, refrigerators) will be picked up at normal bulk pick-up times, at no charge to the resident, only if the unit is certified and documented to have been professionally purged of freon gas. Units not certified and documented as being purged of freon gas will be picked up for a charge to the resident.   Please contact Waste Management for cost information.
  • If you experience a “missed pick-up” on your collection day, or have any questions please call - 954.974.7500
  • Residents who missed their allocated bulk pick-up date and would like a special pick-up scheduled, may have a pick-up at charge. For rate information, you may contact Waste Management at (954) 974-7500.




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