Visitors' Log

To promote full and complete transparency, lobbyists and their principals or employers who intend to meet or otherwise communicate with an Elected Official for the purpose of engaging in lobbying activities, either at the Elected Official's offices or elsewhere on the local government's premises, must legibly complete a contact log listing each  Elected Official with whom the lobbyist, principal, or employer meets or intends on meeting or communicating.

  • The information stated on the contact log shall include the lobbyist's name; the name of the entity by which the lobbyist is employed; the name of the person or entity for whom or which he or she is lobbying; the name of each Elected Official with whom he or she is meeting or communicating; the date and time of each such meeting; and the specific purpose and subject matter of each such meeting.
  • The contact log shall be completed contemporaneously with the meeting(s) and shall be filed for public inspection. (Section 1-19(c)(3)(b))

Interested persons may access this online database that provides details of visitors received by the Mayor and Commissioners and their staff. The Commission Visitor list is searchable by visitor name, date, and/or subject matter.