Business Resource Center

The City of Lauderdale Lakes Business Resource Center (BRC) is designed to serve as an entrepreneurial hub for aspiring and existing business owners.  Primarily, the Center provides training, networking opportunities and resources necessary to assist businesses.  A vast array of specialized information pertaining to business development and expansion opportunities are available in the Center. The BRC programs include professional development seminars, job readiness training and other sessions for Lauderdale Lakes residents and businesses.  The Business Resource Center also contains business related books, publications and computer software.  Specifically, the programs that are scheduled for this year are as follows:

  • Business Coach Initiative (one-on-one counseling services)                                
  • Business Consultation Program  
  • Business Development Training (business start-up sessions)
  • Business First! (Click to view brochure)
  • Computer Training
  • Corporate Connection (networking opportunities)
  • Job Fairs
  • Women’s Corporate Think Tank 

Resource Center Newsletter:

The City of Lauderdale Lakes sends out a quarterly Newsletter which provides information on business related topics and resources.

Contact Information:

For more information or to register for one of the programs, please contact the Economic Development Division at 954-535-2490.