City Commission Updated

The Lauderdale Lakes City Commission is comprised of the Mayor and six Commissioners who are elected by the registered voters of the City. Each year, one Commissioner is appointed to serve in the capacity of Vice Mayor. Elected positions, or "seats," are held for a period of four years, after which a new election is conducted.

The members of the City Commission are residents of the City of Lauderdale Lakes, and serve as your voice in City government. They strive to represent all residents of the City in the most equitable and professional manner.

As always, it is a privilege to serve you and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

            MAYOR                                                     VICE MAYOR                                
  Mayor, Barrington A. Russell, Sr.                                     RATHERY_NEW
         Barrington A. Russell, Sr.                                                         Eileen E. Rathery


        Vice Mayor, Patricia Hawkins-Williams                                 Commissioner, Gloria Lewis               

                    Patricia Hawkins-Williams                                                    Gloria Lewis 

        Commissioner, Edwina Coleman                                  Commissioner, Eric L. Haynes

                   Edwina Coleman                                                               Eric L. Haynes

                                                Commissioner, Levoyd Williams
                                                             Levoyd L. Williams